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12/10/2013 13:21

Apples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and cherries with slightly honey blended in would possibly sound like an awesome fruit-salad snack. But because it seems, these ingredients are an amazing snack to your skin, too—according to Karen Behnke.

After 20 years specializing in health and nutrition in corporate wellness, Behnke was able to venture into one thing new, so she began researching the skin-care industry.

Alot of people don\'t are unaware of the fact that the skin consumes sixty % of no matter is positioned upon it. After this realization, she start to take note of what she was placing on her personal skin.\'\" At that point, Behnke already had a catchy title—Juice Magnificence—however needed a catchy product to go together with it.
\"Most skin-care products are based mostly in water, so I thought, \'Why don\'t we mess around with that and see what we will do with products that have fruit-juice bases?She Discovered that the antioxidants contained in fruit and vegetables are just nearly as good for our skin as they're too our immune systems.

She the mixed her information with native chemists and skin-care insiders and got here up with Juice Beauty Skin Care Firm in 2005. So she teamed with native chemists and skin-care professionals and launched Juice Beauty Skin Care in 2005.
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