Thepreeminent unconventional juice beauty antioxidant serum in the united states

12/10/2013 16:41

Apples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and cherries with a bit honey blended in would possibly sound like an ideal fruit-salad snack. But because it turns out, these ingredients are an amazing snack for your skin, too—in response to Karen Behnke.

After many years researching health and nutritional data, Juice Beauty\'s founder Karen Behnke started a journey into the unknown, and commenced documenting the skin care industry.

\"Most people are astounded to learn that the skin absorbs over 60 p.c of what's placed on it,\" she said. \"After I found that out, I actually considered what I was placing alone skin after which thought, \'Gosh, I can do that better.\'\" At that point, Behnke already had a catchy identify—Juice Magnificence—but needed a catchy product to go with it.
\"Most skin-care merchandise are based mostly in water, so I believed, \'Why don\'t we mess around with that and see what we can do with products that have fruit-juice bases?\'\" Behnke recalled.

She the mixed her knowledge with native chemists and skin-care insiders and came up with Juice Magnificence Pores and skin Care Firm in 2005. This sparked main buzz.
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